Install Cinema HD APK on PS4, PS3 using PLEX [2024]

Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on a device meant for gaming might sound crazy. However, you can do that with your Sony PlayStation. In this post, we will share with you the method to Install Cinema HD APK on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3.

Cinema HD APK
Cinema HD APK on PS4, PS3 using PLEX

Cinema HD APK is a highly popular third-party streaming application that allows you to stream the latest/popular movies and TV shows for free. The app covers all the top-rated content from the official OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and more. Not wasting much of your time, we are going to jump directly to the steps to install Cinema HD APK on PS4/PS3. The installation will have three phases as detailed below. You can check out – Cinema HD APK Free Download on FireStick, 4K, & Lite [STEPS].


Install Cinema HD APK on PS4/PS3 [Working]

If you are wondering what Plex is, then you must know that Plex is an alternative to Kodi. It is a media server that allows you to watch photos/videos on your PlayStation from your phone.

  • Connect your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 with your smart TV.

  • Make sure your WiFi is stable and working fine.
  • From the home screen of your PlayStation device, please go to the ‘Popular’
  • Here, please utilize the Search Bar and look for Plex.
  • Tap on the Install button to install Plex on your PS4/PS3.


  • Launch the Plex App and sign in with your Plex account details. If you do not have a Plex account, you can create one.
  • Please install the Plex app on your Android mobile device now from Google Play Store.


  • Start the Plex App on your Android mobile device and log in using the same account that you have utilized on your PlayStation.
  • Also, please make sure that your PS4/PS3 and your Android mobile device are on the same WiFi network.
  • Please install Advanced Download Manager on your Android device from the Google Play Store.
  • Make sure you have Cinema HD APK installed on your Android mobile device. If not, please tap on the below link for installation instructions.

   Download Cinema HD APK

  • Launch Cinema HD App on Android.
  • Select the movie or the TV show that you want to download on your Android device.

open with ADM

  • Select a link and tap on Open with.


  • From the list, please select Advanced Download Manager.
  • This will download the movie or the TV show to your Android mobile device’s internal storage.
  • Let the download complete.
  • Launch the Plex app on your Android mobile device.
  • Tap on the Cast Option.


  • A list of devices will come up. Pair up your PS4/PS3 with the Plex App installed on your Android device.


  • After the pairing is successful, please go to the Media section under Plex App.
  • Now, you can access the downloaded movies or TV shows and cast them on the PlayStation console.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – Can I Install Cinema HD on PS4/PS3?

You cannot install the app directly since both share different OS platforms.

Q – Will Kodi work on PS4/PS3?

You cannot run Kodi on your PlayStation.

Q – Is There any Alternative to Cinema HD for PS4/PS3?

You can try installing Tubi TV, as it is available directly on the PlayStation Store.

Q - Is it possible to download Cinema APK on my ps4?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to install cinema apk on your ps4 due to the fact that they operate on different platforms, and there are currently no known methods to achieve direct or indirect installation.

Q - Can Cinema HD be installed on Playstation via Kodi?

It is not possible to run Kodi on a Playstation, therefore, it is impossible to install or run Cinema HD through Kodi on your Playstation.

Q -Are there any Android Emulators available for ps4 to install Cinema HD?

No, there are currently no available android emulators for ps4's Orbis OS (FreeBSD). Android emulators are only available for windows, mac, and linux operating systems.

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Final Words – Cinema HD APK on PS4 & PS3 using PLEX

This is the workaround through which you can stream content from Cinema HD APK on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3. Feel free to ask questions if any. Drop us your queries in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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