Download Cinema HD for Smart TV (Works for All TVs, 2024)

In the age of smart televisions, users will look for different ways to install their favourite apps on their smart TVs. One such popular app is Cinema HD. Cinema HD APK on Smart TV is a third-party application that brings thousands of movies and TV series for you to stream online/offline without paying a single dime.

Cinema HD APK
Install Cinema HD APK on Smart TVs

Let us check out how to install the Cinema HD App on popular Smart TV brands like Phillips, LG, Samsung, Mi, VU, Panasonic, OnePlus, and Sony. Learn How to use Cinema HD App on FireStick: Install Cinema HD APK on FireStick, 4K & Lite in 1 Minute.


Cinema HD APK for Smart TV – What’s New?

Lately, the developers have launched Cinema HD Latest APK, which has got all the bugs reported by the users for previous versions fixed. Check out the user reviews for the latest version of the Cinema HD App.

  • “The performance of the latest Cinema HD App is flawless.”
  • “Not even a single issue of buffering or audio/video lag”
  • “Provided you have a reliable internet connection, Cinema HD APK will work like a charm on your Smart TV”

Are you ready for installation? Whether you are using LG, Samsung, Phillips, VU, Mi, OnePlus, Sony, or a smart TV from Panasonic, you can follow any of the below-provided methods to install Cinema HD for Smart TV.

Download and Install Cinema HD APK for Smart TV 

The app can be installed on any Smart TV that runs on Android OS. A few examples are, Mi, Vu, Samsung, LG, Phillips, OnePlus, Sony, and Panasonic Smart TV

1. Using USB Drive

  • Download the latest Cinema HD APK File from the below-provided link and transfer the same to your USB Drive.

   Cinema HD APK

  • Stick the USB Drive in your Smart TV.
  • From the app store present on your Smart TV, download and install File Commander.

  • Launch File Commander and go to Media > USB Storage.
  • The Pen Drive will open up now.
  • Make sure you have already toggled ON the option of Unknown Sources on your Smart TV.

unknown sources

  • Tap on the Cinema HD APK file in the pen drive contents window.
  • The installation will start now.

  • That’s it! Follow the instructions that will come up on your screen now to finish installing Cinema HD for Smart TV.

2. Using Puffin Browser

  • If the App Store present on your Smart TV, has Puffin Browser, please install the same.
  • Start the browser app after installation is complete.


  • You are required to enter the URL.

  • Download the latest Cinema HD App APK file from the webpage.
  • You will get the APK in the Downloads section of the browser.
  • Tap on it to start the installation process and follow simple on-screen installation instructions.

3. Using ES File Explorer

  • In place of the Puffin Browser, you can also download and install ES File Explorer on your Smart TV.
  • Launch ES File Explorer.

open es explorer

  • Under Favorites, please tap on Add and enter below Path and Name.
    • Path:
    • Name: Cinema HD App
  • Hit Add.
  • This will add the Cinema HD APK Download webpage as your bookmark.
  • Tap on the bookmark to download the APK file and initiate the installation process.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and within minutes the installation will be complete.

4. Using the Downloader

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android TV.

Google Play Store App on Android TV

  • Search for the Downloader app and Install it.

Downloader App on Google Play Store

  • Then, click on the Open to launch the app on TV.

Open the Downloader app on TV

  • Enter the Cinemahd APK URL in the Downloader app and Click on the Go button.

Enter the APK URL in the Downloader app

  • After downloading the APK file, the app will ask you what to do with it.
  • Click on the Install button.

Click on the Install button

  • If you’ve not yet Trusted the Downloader app to install apps from Unknown Sources, it will ask you to go to Settings ( So you can permit it).

Click on the Settings button

  • Allow the Downloader to install apps from Unknown Sources.

Trust the Downloader app

  • Now again go back to the Downloader and click on the Go button, then tap on the Install button. This time the app will be installed on the Smart TV.
  • After the installation click on the Open button to launch the Cinemahd App on your Android TV.

Launch the Cinema HD app

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do we have subtitles on Cinema HD?


Q – Which external players are compatible with Cinema HD?


Q – Do we have Real-Debrid or Trakt TV support on Cinema HD?


Q - Can I watch Documentaries in Cinema HD app?


Q - Is the Cinema HD app safe?

It is hard to judge whether an app is safe or not, especially when it is not available on Official App Stores. So scan the app on any website like before installing.

Q - Is Cinema HD App Legal?

It's not the point because when you open the app for the first time terms and conditions clearly states that all the content available on the app is scrapped from multiple sources and they are not hosting it. Also mentioned that if any person downloaded a movie or any other video for personal use it should be deleted within 24 hours.

Q - What version of the Cinema HD is suggested?

If you are someone who doesn't know how to deal with a sudden crash or other technical problems then the Stable version of the Cinema HD app ( 2.4.0 ) is recommended. If you want to use the experimental features and find it challenging to deal with technical issues then you can go for the Beta version ( 2.6.0 ).

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Final Words

So, what are you looking for now? Get Cinema HD up and running on your Smart TV and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows on the big screen for free. Any questions you have? Reach out to us via the comments section provided below for the answers you seek.

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