10 best fitness apps to motivate you

Do you also have such a hard time going to the gym every week and working out? Fortunately, there are several apps that help you stay motivated.

The apps offer you insight into the progress of the sports process and whether you are on track to achieve the goals. This is important to stay motivated and not to give up prematurely.


Fitbit Although the app is free, it is smart to use the app in combination with a fitness tracker from Fitbit. The app can also be used without a tracker, but you will have fewer options.

Without the tracker, you can keep track of calories, enter your weight, measure glucose levels and monitor your blood pressure. If you absolutely love the app, you can upgrade the app to a premium of $49 per year.


With the free Argus app, you don’t need a pedometer or smartwatch. The app uses the GPS functions on a smartphone and then calculates how much you have cycled or walked.

You can also keep track of your eating habits (including by taking photos) to gain insight into your eating pattern. The app also measures your sleep rhythm, weight and workout activities.


What better way to stay motivated than having fun? With the Fitocracy app, you can track workouts, beat opponents, earn points and unlock achievements.


The app lets you ‘connect’ with friends to keep you motivated and beat your friends. In the app, you can see all the statistics of your friends and you know exactly who is the ‘best.

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

In this app, you regularly get advice from real personal trainers. They share their own workouts and other advice with the users of the app.

Despite the app being free, you are offered quite a few options. For example, you can set alarms to remind yourself that it’s time for a workout.

In the app, you will find different training programs from yoga to strength training. If you really want to upgrade to a premium account, you pay between 5 and 10 dollars per month.

Workit Pro

If you want to turn into a muscle bundle in no time, the Sworkit Pro app might be for you. The app uses 30-second intervals and lets you do the exercises over and over again.

You can point out which body parts you want to train and how long the workout may last. The app offers help from strength training to cardio and from yoga to stretching exercises.

The Sworkit Pro app costs 99 cents.

Lose it!

The name says it all, the app is mainly aimed at losing weight. It lets you enter a maximum amount of calories each day that you can eat in a day. This gives you insight into how much you eat and keeps you motivated.

The app connects you with devices, people and nutritional advice to lose as many pounds as possible.


PumpUp is a fitness coach who knows exactly what is right for you. The app is an easy way to stay active and motivated and lets you set your own goals.

Then you indicate which exercises you prefer to do and how good you are at them. The app will then create an adaptable program for you in which you receive instructions for more than 500 exercises.

Nike+ Running

As you can tell from the name, this free app keeps track of all running data. You can see whether you are on schedule and stay motivated on the basis of self-set goals.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the app is suitable for everyone. You get daily workouts from the app and you are provided with advice.

PIT Fitness

The PIT app gives you workout programs that you can do both at the gym and at home. PIT offers interval training with which you train all muscle groups in your body through movement.

You have access to 315 workout programs and you can choose from a program aimed at 30 days of intensive sports. An advantage for the people who don’t like running; that is not necessary per se.

Pocket Yoga

The Pocket Yoga is focused on Yoga (surprisingly..). It describes and illustrates every attitude of the impressive offer. You can choose from three programs, three difficulty levels and three durations.

All exercises are made by yoga instructors and all postures are provided with descriptions and what the posture is exactly right for.

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