Top 10 Best Music Apps – Listen Music Anywhere, Anytime

Nowadays we can hardly choose from the enormous amount of music apps. Do you like the radio? Do you want to be able to listen offline? Or would you rather make music yourself?.

Here we have compiled the best music apps, which have something for everyone.

Microsoft Groove Music

We used to know this app under the name Xbox Music, but with the arrival of Windows 10, this app has been transformed into Microsoft Groove Music. With this app, you can listen to music on your mobile for free and without ads. When you subscribe, you will get complete access to a music library consisting of more than thirty million songs, plus an option to listen to recommended songs.

The updated version also includes an integration with OneDrive, so you can now transfer all your MP3 files from your OneDrive folders to the Microsoft Groove app. You can also download and buy music offline from the music library.

The app is available on Windows devices, Android, iOS and the Xbox One.

iHeart Radio

For radio fans, there is also iHeart Radio. The app is similar to TuneIn but differs in a few aspects. iHeart Radio is a free digital radio app that lets you listen to all your favourite live radio stations. 

You can sort stations by genre and location and the app will immediately start scanning available and recommended radio stations. Like TuneIn, iHeart Radio also has the ability to listen to sports, news and other topics, and unlike TuneIn, this app also allows you to listen to comedy.

iHeart Radio also has more supported devices that you can listen to music on. You can also listen to iHeart Radio on your game consoles, Home Audio System, Google Chromecast and in your car via Bluetooth. The app is completely free to download for iOS, Android and Windows.

Google Play Music

This app is similar to Spotify and Apple Music as it is a paid music streaming service. What makes Google Play Music a great app is that it focuses much more on your personal music collection. With Spotify you first have to link the app to iTunes, for example, to see these songs, but with Google Play Music you can immediately add all your own music without having to link and listen to it everywhere.

At Google Play Music you can choose between different subscriptions for which you pay different prices. You can choose a standard subscription for which you pay nothing and you can choose an All Access subscription for which you pay ten euros per month.

However, Google Play Music is, as the name suggests, only available for Android devices.


Some people would rather make music than listen to it. A perfect app has been developed especially for that group, in which you can use all your musical capacities. Garageband is an app that first appeared as a default program on Mac computers and laptops.

In Garageband, you can start a project, after which you can choose from a variety of digital musical instruments. You can choose from pre-played sounds, but you can also come up with your own melodies and chord progressions.

For real musicians, there is also the possibility to connect an electric guitar or other electrical devices to the app, by means of a cable to your phone or tablet. This makes it even easier to record certain melodies or sounds.

Garageband is a very comprehensive music app, but unfortunately, you have to pay for it. However, the app is regularly updated and more and more sounds and instruments are added.


It will happen often enough that you are in a store or waiting for a concert when the radio is on. You hear a nice song, but you have no idea what it’s called or who it belongs to. Fortunately, with today’s modern technology you can look up everything and you can also find out who that nice song is from within seconds.

Shazam is an app specially developed for these situations. The app listens to the music in the background and scans an entire music library to find the right title and artist for the song. It is not the only music identification app on the market as SoundCloud or MusicID also provide this feature.

You can also choose to download the ad-free version: Shazam Encore. However, you do pay money for this.

YouTube Music

Google has done its best again recently and the company has developed the YouTube Music app for us. This is a new music streaming service built on YouTube’s established community. The app was previously called Music Key but has since been given a new name.

YouTube Music gives you access to over thirty million music videos. You can search for artists or for videos and albums and a non-stop station will be automatically created for you. The app can also create a personal station based on your choices.

Besides original songs, you can also find remixes, covers, full albums and classic recordings with the app.


Sometimes you prefer to listen to original songs, instead of going through the same top 40 lists over and over again. On SoundCloud, you can follow your favourite artists, labels and friends and keep track of what songs they add. You can also choose to add your own music here.

You can also easily find new trending music and you can collect songs and create playlists.

SoundCloud is a free app and is available on iOS and Android devices. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

Apple Music

Spotify’s worthy opponent: Apple Music is Apple ‘s first music streaming service, first announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year. The app looks to match the iTunes app and your iTunes purchases can also be found in Apple Music.

Similar to Spotify, the app has a feature called For You, which offers music suggestions so that you keep discovering new music. Apple Music also has a radio station called Beats 1, which constantly plays music selected by DJs.

In addition, the app works well with Siri, which answers all your questions. Until now, Apple Music was only available for iOS devices, but recently you can also install Apple Music on Android devices. For Apple Music, you pay ten euros per month or you can take out a family subscription where you pay fifteen euros for the whole family.


Today, production companies earn most of the revenue from music sold, while artists often rely on concerts to pay their bills. To counter this trend, a group of artists including Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Jack White and Beyoncé have started a new music service: Tidal.

With the service, you can access music of all kinds of genres and find unique features as well. For example, Tidal offers live concerts by certain artists and can deliver lossless quality music with the most expensive version of a subscription. Real audiophiles can certainly get their money’s worth with Tidal, although the latter subscription is quite pricey at twenty euros per month.

The Tidal app is available for Android, iOS and PC.


There are plenty of music streaming services to be found these days and the choice is not always easy. You will see that it is divided between Apple and Android users and that most Apple users will opt for Apple Music while Android users are more likely to choose Spotify.

Spotify is a music service that has been around for several years and basically contains more music than you will ever need. Especially with the millions of songs, you can find on it. You can choose to browse your friends’ music collections, follow artists or listen to radio stations created especially for you. Spotify now also has a new feature that creates a playlist for you every week, based on your own music.

With Spotify, you can choose between a free subscription and a premium subscription. You pay ten euros per month for Premium, but you do benefit from all the nice extras. Spotify is available for Android and iOS.

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