Best Snapchat tips and tricks for Android

Snapchat may be a terribly powerful app that comes with many tips and hidden options that you just may never have detected of.

Here, you may discover the twenty-six best Snapchat tips and hacks for golem that you just will begin implementing instantly and wow your friends together with your special snaps. Some tips can even improve your user expertise.

Best Snapchat Tips [2021]

# 1. Save your friends’ Snapchat stories, videos and photos

We know that each Snapchat Story, Video and pic is mechanically deleted inside the time unit. And once this era has passed, you may now not be able to access it.
However, there’s a straightforward trick to avoid wasting any Snapchat story, video or pic in seconds. And to realize this, we tend to square measure planning to use Snapchat’s chat feature.
Just follow these steps:

  • Open your friend’s Snapchat story.
  • While looking at the story, simply slide your finger up or faucet the CHAT text to open a conversation window.
  • Write one thing relevant concerning this story and hit send. The message is going to be sent to your friend.
  • Now quickly head to Snapchat Chat Section and faucet on your friend’s name. this can open a conversation window and you ought to see the snap you simply commented on.
  • Press and hold on to this snap. you may see the message “SAVED”. and every one of the saved messages is going to be highlighted with a grey background.
  • NOTE: Once SAVED, you’ll long-press any SAVED message to “UNSave” it at any time.

That’s it! you simply saved your friend’s snap while not even holding them recognize. you’ll currently access those saved snapshots in chats whenever you wish.

# 2. vogue instant text with daring, italics, and underline

With the discharge of the recent Snapchat Version, the developers have another data format feature for the texts you add to your snaps. This new data format choice permits you to vogue your text with daring, italics, and underlines.
Here’s the way to do it:

  • Capture a snap.
  • Press the T to feature text to your snap, then write no matter has relevancy to the snap.
  • Now press and hold on to any word to pick it.
  • You will see a replacement menu at the highest with “B” (bold), “I” (italics) and “U” (underlined).
  • Tap the data format choice you wish to use to the chosen text.
  • BONUS TIP: victimisation this similar technique, you’ll even modification the font colour of any designated text.
  • Once you’re done data format, press the Done button.

That’s it. you’ve got titled the text within the blink of a watch.

# 3. Add many lines of text in your snap

Have you ever wished to feature multiple lines of text in your snap once adding text? however, I could not hump as a result of there’s no enter / come back button on the keyboard.
You don’t get to worry any longer as a result of currently you’ll add multiple lines of text with this Snapchat trick and say a lot with only one click!

Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Go to the electronic messaging app and faucet the write new message choice.
  • In the message box, simply press the Enter / to come back button on the keyboard to feature multiple lines. And in every line additionally add a dot/dot. this can build it easier for you to repeat.
  • Once done, press and hold on to the complete purpose/purpose, choose all of the text and press copy.
  • Now head to Snapchat, capture a replacement snap, and faucet the T icon to feature text.
  • Tap and hold on to the box, then faucet Paste to stick the derived text.

Congratulations, you currently have multiple lines and might add your text in every line with no drawback.

# 4. Add background music to your instant videos

Did you recognize that you just will add your own background music to your video shots?
Snapchat incorporates an exactly designed feature that permits you to feature any music because the background music of your video snap and therefore the implementation is really terribly straightforward.
Here is what you ought to do:
On your golem phone, open any music player and hear the song or music you wish to line because of the background for your snap.
Once the music has started enjoying, open Snapchat and begin capturing video snaps.
As straightforward as that. The part of the music that was enjoying whereas you were capturing the snap is going to be used because of the background music for your video snap.

# 5. produce your own distinctive colour filter

We all recognize there aren’t any colour filters in Snapchat, and for all those filter junkies, which may be a touch off.
However, with this impressive Snapchat trick, you’ll currently add a custom colour filter to your snaps and build your photos/videos look distinctive.

  • Capture a photograph / video.
  • Press the “T” icon to feature text to your snap.
  • Select the text colour by long-pressing the “Pencil” icon. ( NOTE: the colour you decide on are going to be the colour of your new filter).
  • Once the colour is chosen, write the letter of your alternative. ( For example a letter ‘I’)
  • Press the “T” icon to enlarge the text.
  • Once done, you wish to enlarge the text victimisation the pinch gesture to zoom and you’ve got to expand it till the text starts to show semitransparent.
  • All you’ve got to try to do is regulate the situation of the text till you’re glad about the result.

You’ve created your own colour filter yourself. move and impress your friends with this technique! 😀

# 6. ascertain if your friend blocked/deleted you

Have you ever been curious however you may recognize if your friend has blocked/removed you from their Snapchat friends list?
We have a trick you’ll use to seek out out, in seconds, if your friend has blocked/deleted you.
Just follow these steps:

  • Open Snapchat and swipe right down to head to the settings section of your profile.
  • Tap the “My Friends” choice.
  • Under the ‘FRIENDS’ tab, realize the friend World Health Organization you’re thinking that has deleted/blocked you then faucet their name.
  • This will say their profile info which can show their Snapchat name, username, and Snapchat score (snap score).

Now if their snap score is visible, it means that you are still friends and that they haven’t blocked you. Otherwise, if you cannot see the score, it means that they’ve blocked/removed you.

# 7. straightforward and swish zoom once capturing video

Do you capture tons of video snapshots? If affirmative, then you need to have a tough time zooming in or zooming out whereas recording videos.

  • The doable zoom choice that we tend to square measure all conversant in is that the common “pinch to zoom” gesture. however, it might be tough to record video and zoom with one hand.
  • Below, you may learn a trick to centre and out simply and swimmingly whereas recording video snap, while not victimisation you’re used.
  • While you’re capturing a video snap and holding down the capture button, you can:
  • Move your finger up to zoom,
  • Move your finger right down to zoom out.

Yes, that is easy! currently, you’ll record videos and use the single-bimanual zoom feature with one hand.


Have you tried any Snapchat trick mentioned here? does one recognize a factor that we tend to miss? Please share with the US within the comments below, we’d like to hear concerning it! 🙂

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