Best Optimal ways to use a Samsung Smartphone [Tips]

This blog is for anyone with a Samsung phone. Do you really want to use your Samsung device optimally, and get the most out of it? In this blog, we have listed 7 useful Samsung tips & tricks for you. This makes your favourite device even more convenient! Are you an experienced Samsung user?

Best Optimal ways to use a Samsung Smartphone

Even then, some of these tips may be new to you. Let us know at the bottom of this blog whether you have any handy Samsung tips yourself, and which of these Samsung tips & tricks you found most useful.

Night Mode / Dark Mode

The first tip from this series of Samsung tips & tricks is one for the night owls among us. The dark mode ensures that your device gets a dark interface, where almost all apps and the system switch to a so-called night mode. This function has been available on the iPhone for a while, but now it is also your Samsung smartphone’s turn. Some apps on Samsung themselves have a night mode, also called dark mode. Now you can enable night mode on the entire device with Android 10.

How do you do this? It may be a bit of work, but then you also have something. You must first enable the developer options. To do this, go to  Phone Info via  Settings. Now choose Software Details and tap Build Number 7 times. The device will now announce ‘ You are now a developer ‘. Then when you go back to Settings, developer options are now at the very bottom. All you have to do now is click on Force dark mode under the Rendering heading. Voila!


This tip is actually 2 tips in 1. We have 2 screenshot tricks for you! You know it, you take a screenshot of a web page, and you want to go back to that website later. In principle, you would then have to search for the web address or that specific page again. With the screenshot function of your Samsung Browser, that is a thing of the past. When you take a screenshot in this browser, you will see a Go To Website button at the bottom of the screenshot. When you click on this, your browser automatically opens the page of which you have made a screenshot.

It is also possible to take a scrolling screenshot with your Samsung. This is useful when, for example, you want to send a screenshot of a web page, but all the text does not fit on 1 screenshot. It works simply. You take a screenshot and click on the square icon at the bottom left. You can keep clicking on the icon until all the information you need is on the screenshot. So handy. Read on for more handy Samsung tips & tricks.

Split-screen mode

The third tip from the series of Samsung tips & tricks is a handy one for the multitaskers among us. Previously, you could easily get into split-screen mode by clicking the Recents button. (You know, those two lines at the bottom of your screen.) Unfortunately, that function is no longer possible from Android 10. But don’t worry, there is a detour! You can now easily enter split-screen mode by a hand gesture of your choice. You only need the One Hand Operation App from Samsung for this. with this app you set yourself what action you want to perform to get to certain functions. For example, you can choose to swipe from left to right on your screen, which you then activate the split-screen mode.

Fingerprint Scanner

Some Samsungs come with a fingerprint scanner on the back, with other devices the handy unlocking system is built into the screen. Sometimes the fingerprint scanner may not work properly. However, there is a trick that will allow you to optimize the fingerprint scanner! You can add multiple fingers under the heading Security and Fingerprint Scanner to unlock your phone.

The trick: add the same finger a number of times in different ways, so that you can be sure to unlock your device with your preferred finger.

Memory almost full

Is the memory of your Samsung device almost full? Your phone often stores all kinds of data that you don’t know about. Are you curious about the most useful tips and tricks to free up memory on your Samsung smartphone? You can read them in this blog about optimizing the memory of your phone.

Snooze notifications

We don’t just snooze with the alarm clock next to our bed, but also with notifications on Samsung devices. In fact, this tip applies to all Android devices! When you get a notification on your phone that you can’t open right now, you can snooze the notification. This way you don’t have to remove the notification completely, so you probably forget it, but just temporarily postpone it. you do this by going to Notifications and Advanced in Settings. Then you can click on the Allow notifications Snooze function. When you get a notification, you can then swipe it a little bit to the left, after which you can set the snooze time.

Bixby, Samsung’s smart assistant

Out of all Samsung tips & tricks, this is perhaps the best. Are you familiar with the voice-activated Google Assistant, or Siri from Apple? Bixby is Samsung’s own extended take on these personal assistants. This smart assistant makes it possible to completely control your Samsung with just your voice. However, Bixby is more than a helper that can tell you whether you should take an umbrella outside, whether Max Verstappen has won and how to make that delicious pasta again. For example, Bixby can use a photo of a product to find out where exactly you can buy it and the smart assistant even helps you remember where you parked the car. Is there anything this system can’t do?

Bixby learns from your routines and habits, making this smart assistant the smartest. The assistant uses this data to make your Samsung smartphone smarter so that it is extra easy to use. This way you can use your Samsung phone optimally. Bixby is therefore smart, handy and personal. Try it yourself, you will be amazed at the possibilities.

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