OnePlus 6 tips: 15 useful tips for your device

The OnePlus 6 is a smartphone full of features. We have already discussed the device in an extensive review, and now we also want to share a number of OnePlus 6 tips with you.

OnePlus 6 tips

In our OnePlus 6 review, you could already read that the device has a lot to offer for a reasonable price. Of course, the design also stands out. Because the smartphone is equipped with OxygenOS, which is based on Android, it has a number of extra options to offer. We list the best tips for the OnePlus 6 for you.

Gesture navigation keys

Via the settings screen, you can set gestures for navigating within Android by choosing the option “Buttons”. On the Buttons screen, for the first option, choose “Navigation Bar & Gestures”. On the screen, you will receive a short explanation about how the function works. For example, with the gestures, you swipe from bottom to centre to open the home screen.

Take screenshot

If you gonna take a screenshot, do that by pressing the on and off button and voice rockers down button simultaneously. You will then see numerous options, and you can choose how you want to take the screenshot. For example, if you want a long screenshot, choose the third icon, and the screen will automatically start scrolling, stop at the desired moment.

Alert Slider

The Alert Slider is located to the left above the on and off button; by sliding it all the way up, you will no longer receive notifications, and your phone will remain silent. 


Via the Display settings, you can set whether the Notch can be used or whether the status bar should scroll. When you choose to go through the status bar, notifications and other icons are placed just below the Notch. The area above it is then disabled.

Game Mode

If you don’t feel like being disturbed during your favourite Android game, you can switch on the game mode. Swipe down the notification bar and swipe left. Here you will find the quick settings for Game Mode, enabling notifications will be temporarily blocked.

Reading mode

If you feel like reading a book on the long screen of the OnePlus 6, you can switch on the special Reading Mode. By activating this mode, only shades of grey are used. This makes the text easier to read. To activate the reading mode, pull down the notification bar and swipe to the left. Tap the “Reading mode” icon here.

Via the settings screen, Display (screen), and then Reading mode, you can set for which apps the reading mode should be switched on automatically.

Tap to activate the screen

You can automatically wake up the OnePlus six by double-tapping the screen. This must be enabled via Settings > Gestures and activate the option “Double tap to wake up”.

Ambient Display

By lifting your OnePlus 6, you can see at a glance whether there are new notifications. This function is a bit like the Always-on Display from, for example, Samsung. You can enable it via the Settings screen on the Display tab. Then choose Ambient Display. On this screen, you activate the function, and you can immediately adjust the style of the clock. The screen can also light up automatically with a new notification.

Customize LED notification colour

Different colours for notifications on your OnePlus 6, that’s possible, and you can choose from 8 different colours. At Settings > Display, near the bottom, you will find the option “LED notifications”. Here you can assign a colour to different types of notifications.

Secure access to certain apps

Hide sensitive information? Then you can activate an extra lock on certain applications with the special App Locker. Via Settings > Security & screen lock, you choose the option “App lock” under the heading Privacy. Then you add the apps whose access you want to protect, and you can also choose to hide the notifications.

Fingerprint Scanner

On the OnePlus 6, you will find a fingerprint scanner; via Settings > Security & screen lock, you choose the option “Add fingerprint” if you want to use the fingerprint scanner. If you have already used a finger, you can add other fingers here so that you can unlock it with both hands, for example.

Face unlock

Although less secure than using the fingerprint scanner, you can also choose to use face unlock on your OnePlus 6. By going to Settings > Security & screen lock, you can then choose the option “Face unlock”. On this screen, choose to Add face data, now you go through the steps that appear on your screen and activate the face unlock.

Free up space

If your OnePlus 6 is almost full of apps, downloads and other perhaps unused junk, you can easily clean your device. In the settings screen, choose the options Storage and memory, then press the blue button “Free up space”. You will get a list of possible apps for removal and a list of infrequently used applications. After making a choice, you choose to free up space, and you can enjoy new space on your device.

Save location data with photos.

If you later want to be able to find where you took those beautiful photos, you can choose to save the location in the camera app. In the camera app, swipe up to reveal the different camera modes. Tap the gear icon at the top or left of the screen. Then activate the option Save location data. 

Night mode

If you are an avid smart phone user, but you also want to be able to use your smartphone at night, then the night mode may be the solution. The night mode filters the blue light that your smartphone emits and shows a yellow/orange glow over the screen. This is more pleasant to look at in a dark environment, and you can activate it via the settings screen, Display and then tap on Night mode. You can also immediately set whether the night mode should be activated automatically.

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