Is Moto G5 is the best budget device out there? Here is the Deal

These both are the successors of the popular Moto G4 series. Despite the fine Stock Android interface, the friendly priced smartphones still have a lot to offer. Techzview lists 12 useful Moto G5 tips, so you can get even more out of your new G5 or G5 Plus.

Moto G5 tips

In our Moto G5 review, you could already read all the ins and outs about the new smartphone from Lenovo-Motorola. This series still adheres to a minimalistic, pleasant user experience without unnecessary fuss. In this overview, we share the best Moto G5 tips with you.

Moto Actions

In the ‘Moto’ app, you’ll find a series of actions that you can enable. For example, it is possible to shake the Moto G5 twice, after which the flashlight is started. Another possibility is to place your device with the front on the table where the sound of notifications and calls is muted. You can set your device to sound a sound in case of alarms.

In action, you will also find the option to use the fingerprint scanner as ‘1-button navigation. You can then swipe over the home button and perform actions; the three buttons at the bottom of the screen then disappear. In Moto Actions, you will also find the option to shrink the screen. You can also find the option to launch the camera faster here.

Moto Display

In the same ‘Moto’ app, you will find the option ‘Display’. You can enable or disable the Moto Display (known at Samsung as Always On Display). If you are not using the device, you will see icons of apps, the time and the like on the standby screen.

You can also select to hide/show the content of messages.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner makes it possible to quickly unlock the Moto G5. However, you cannot adjust much in the settings on your device. However, you can save multiple fingers. To do this, Navigate go to Settings > Security and choose ‘fingerprint’. Here you can add multiple fingers. In addition, with the aforementioned app Moto, you can set actions that you want to use the so-called gestures.

FM radio

The FM radio on the Moto G5 can be used without headphones. This only works if you are standing next to a transmitter. However, the FM radio has another interesting advantage; you can record the sound of the radio at the touch of a button. So you can save a nice song on your phone and listen to it later, or interesting if you don’t have Shazam at hand so quickly.

Camera: manual mode

The camera of the Moto G5 is equipped with a manual mode where you can manually adjust the settings. This mode is called ‘Professional mode’ and can be found on the camera icon above the shutter button.

You can just adjust the various settings such as the white balance, the ISO value, exposure and shutter speed. Other camera options you can find under this setting are slow-motion, panorama, video and the default camera.

Do not disturb

If you don’t want to get irritated by notifications and the like, there is ‘Do not disturb’. You can find this option, for example, in the notification bar under quick settings. Here you can choose to send priority notifications only, alarms only, or total silence. You can then indicate that you want to switch this off yourself, or you can indicate a time with the plus and minus keys.

Do not disturb the schedule

You can also make a schedule for ‘Do not disturb’ in which the telephone automatically goes on silent at fixed times. To do this, go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb. Then you will find the option ‘automatic rules’ here. Here you can set that you do not want to be disturbed every weekend, or not on certain days, times or during certain events. Ideal!

Take screenshot

Taking a screenshot with the Moto G5 is easy. You can easily take a screenshot by holding the volume down (down) and the power button at the same time. You will then see an effect, and the photo will be displayed in the notification bar. From here, you can open, share or delete it directly.

Multiple users

You can add multiple users on the Moto G5 (Plus). To do this, Navigate to Settings > Users and choose ‘add user’. When you use this, everyone gets their own background and also their own apps. In addition, system settings can be adjusted, such as WiFi connection, Bluetooth and the like.

Gallery app

By default, the Moto smartphone only has the Google Photos gallery app. Not everyone likes this application equally. In addition, you sometimes have to go through several steps before you have found the folder of your choice. If you want an alternative to the gallery app, a minimalistic but clear alternative is the ‘Simple Gallery’ app, which you can download via the button below.

split screen

Because the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus run on Android 7.0 Nougat, you can take advantage of the useful features that the Android version has to offer. One of these options is, for example, the split-screen. This allows you to open two applications in one window, and that can sometimes be quite handy.

Do you want to use this; then briefly press and hold the square multitask key at the bottom right of the screen. Then the settings screen opens, and you can open apps in split-screen mode. Not every app has multi-window support. You can close the split-screen again by pressing the multitask key at the bottom of the screen.

Quick Settings

When you swipe down the notification bar, you will see a number of quick settings on the Moto G5. For example, you can quickly turn WiFi on or off, adjust the location settings and turn the automatic rotation on or off. However, you can change the order of these icons or hide or add options in a few steps. When you have expanded the notification bar, choose the text ‘edit’ at the bottom. By briefly holding down an icon and dragging it down or to another position, you can remove or move it. At the bottom, you will also see options that you can add that are not standard in the ‘Quick Settings’.

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