How do you make an old iPhone or iPad a bit faster

The folks at Apple are very effective in launch several smartphones and tablets every year. Fortunately, this does not mean that you are automatically forced to upgrade. An old iPhone can be used without problems for several years.

The biggest problem that comes with using an iPad or iPhone Old related to performance issues. They are becoming more evident as the years pass. Apple updates acknowledgement, while beneficial as functionality and security, fail to significantly slow down an older iDevice.

How do you make an old iPhone or iPad a bit faster

If you’ve already done but update and want to uproot every ounce of performance from your old iPhone or iPad, there are some tips that you can implement. Meanwhile, if a new game, more demanding, running hard on your phone, and it’s important you accept that it’s time to upgrade.

Tips to make your old iPhone work faster

Restart your phone or tablet – It might seem obvious or stupid, but the old tip, close it and open it applies perfectly in the case of the old iPhone. Basically, once a week would be good to close and open any iDevice you trouble. Increase frequency for devices that have passed the first youth.

Discard the aesthetic fireworks of iOS – iOS Each version has introduced some elements of Transparency, transition effects and other visual artifcii designed to delight you. They achieve their goal on iPhones in the last two years, but an iPhone 5 or 4S, running the latest version of iOS, nothing looks good and if any other ways to improve performance loc. Pentru stands on an iDevice and Cancel small animations and effects of Transparency, click the Settings or Settings, General menu in the Accessibility section. This reduces motion off – Reduction Increase movement and enters the contrast, which must reduce Transparency – Reduce Transparency.

Delete unnecessary applications and release a bit of space – If you are still users of iPhone 8 or 16GB, sorry. It is very hard to resist the temptation to take pictures and short movies with your phone, and they do a great job to fill your memory and force you to stay even with 0 MB free. Several GB of free space does not significantly influence the performance of an iDevice, but 200 – 300MB is recommended. To solve the space problem, if you can not detach memories by downloading them to a computer or in the cloud, go into Settings – General – Use iCloud or storage and iCloud Storage & Usage. On the new page, then Manage Storage and Storage Management, you can see what apps are the most space, and from here, you can delete them after you’ve selected them.

clear history

Discard updates in the background – the background or Background Section RefreshApp applications is the ability to make data traffic when not in use in order to give you the latest information on when to go. For most applications, this feature can be disabled without any unpleasant consequences and significant performance benefits. Careful, however, not clear from these menu applications like WhatsApp, which must have the most recent discussions permanently. Phone autonomy will be increased significantly.

Delete old messages – There is no theoretical limit to the number of SMSes that you can store on your iPhone. It is unlimited. When we are talking about thousands of messages, especially if you use an older iPhone, it would be nice to delete one of them. In any other circumstances, there is a risk of Messages application to initialize or difficulty to see how the entire interface cling fast if you walk among all. To delete entire conversations, it needs a simple Swype from right to left. Optionally, you can press the top right to edit and quickly select multiple messages. Alternatively, forever in Settings – Messages on Hold messages, select a lower value than permanent.

Disable search suggestions made by Siri. If you’ve come to depend on Spotlight search easier access because of the running applications, this detail might frustrate you. Unfortunately, its impact on Chapter processing skills is significant. To disable this feature, go to the Spotlight Search from the Settings – General and uncheck the item at the top of the list. From here, you can disable the feature for all applications or only a few,
Apple applications are more nimble than those made by third parties and not to be avoided.

For each browser or picture viewer, there are alternatives created by Apple that could move better and would be more useful in the long term. Do not get excited about a few extra features in Chrome, Safari use. Try to get used to Apple Maps and ignore a dedicated email client than the one implicit – Mail.

If possible, postpone new updates for iOS for older phones. The folks at Apple are very generous in offering a new version of iOS to a huge number of users. Unfortunately, the same process can turn your iPhone into a trinket, especially if you are a user of an older version of iOS. Remember that, once installed, a new iOS can not be removed easily and certainly can not be replaced with something old. The first iPad with the latest version of supported firmware is absurdly slow. If you like to spend a long time online, documented sure of the impact of a newly launched version of firmware on your smartphone. Eventually, wait a few weeks before installing it to ensure it does not lose more than you win. Full restoration to factory settings is done immediately. In the case of using a new phone that refuses to be good at something, you can take a radical decision pricing host content on it. To do this, go into Settings or Settings, and go to the General Reset. Here you have several options you can experiment with to see what impact they have on an old iPhone. Try first with Reset all settings – Clear all settings and Reset Network Settings.

Is it not working? Choose to Erase all content and settings or delete content and configurations, accepting in advance that you will lose all data.
Opt-out completely shut recent apps. – Since the introduction of multitasking on the iPhone, it was very easy to jump from one application to another recent. The same interface allowed you to close programs you no longer need. Unfortunately, this feature enhances the phone’s battery life or performance, although it has become a tic lately. Any application must be completely closed to start from scratch again, eventually consuming more resources than if you had it open in the background.

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