Best 7 educational apps to make your child quickly become wiser

There are plenty of apps when it comes to learning, even for the very youngest, the offer is huge. What makes an app good? First of all, high-quality apps for children are in line with the children’s perception of the world.  As it changes over the years, apps are often categorized into age categories.

With these 7 educational apps your child will quickly become wiser

It is also nice if an app is visually attractive and does not contain too much or too little interaction. And, very important: in a good app, you will find information for parents. Below are 7 toppers that will certainly make your child smarter. Make sure the phone is connected to Wi-Fi so that learning doesn’t come at the expense of your data.

What are the best educational apps for kids?


With the kids going home to school, Squla is probably no stranger to you. But did you know that this fun online play and learning platform also has an app? Handy for keeping up with the material at school at home or on the go. Or if a little extra practice with games wouldn’t hurt. Squla allows children from groups 1 to 8 to practice at their own pace with all school subjects. Bold people also appreciate Squla. Because the assignments make it exciting. With that, they can earn points and exchange them for real prizes! Do you want a little insight into things? we get it. As a parent, you can determine the level and track the progress thanks to a weekly report in your email.

All exercises your child does are stored on the Squla server. This way it can continue on any device and you can keep an eye on it.

Squla is free to download for Android and for iOS.

Topo Netherlands Pro

Topo Nederland takes your child into the air for a geographical adventure. This award-winning topography game puts the world at your fingertips. Or well, the Netherlands. Although there is also a Topo Europe app, and other countries and continents. But now we are talking about our own country. With this educational app, your child will know the provinces, cities and villages of the Netherlands in no time by heart. But also the main sights. How? By starting the engines and flying over the Netherlands in an aeroplane. You can just practice, do multiple choice questions or a timed race. With this, your child (or you) visits as many destinations as possible in a race against the clock. Exciting, addictive fun and playable from 4 years old.

Topo Nederland Pro is only available for iOS.

 King of Maths

Because math is a very important but not always popular subject, we don’t want to withhold the Math King app from you. Because it not only looks very cool but also makes maths instantly popular if you ask us. In this fast-paced math game, your child has to solve all kinds of sums. This can be simple addition and subtraction, but also fractions, statistics and geometry problems. Whoever answers all the math questions correctly moves on to the next level. You can collect stars, track achievements and compare scores with friends and players from around the world. And that’s fun! The level of this game is equal to that of the upper primary and the first grade of secondary.

King of Maths is available for download for Android and iOS.

Dr Panda’s Educational Games

The games of Dr Panda does not teach you one specific trade, but they become very worldly-wise. For example, your child can virtually start a vegetable garden, run a postal company, work in the animal hospital or make his way through the airport. Son or daughter can even explore space with Dr Panda. Think of something mundane or crazy and chances are Dr Panda has devised a game for it. You can purchase the games individually or in bundles. dr. They can play Panda from the age of 4 and will certainly remain fun until they are 8.

Math Table Game is free to download for Android and iOS.

Children Learn Dutch with Emma

An app with which the youngest (from 2 years) learn Dutch words. Toddlers, preschoolers, but also slightly older children up to 7 years old, expand their vocabulary together with Emma. They do this with sounds, pictures, puzzles, quizzes and games such as memory. A friendly female voice pronounces the words. There are also sounds, from farm animals for example. Your child can learn words in 13 different themes, such as the zoo, transport and the human body. Only the zoo theme is free, the other themes require an in-app purchase. But hey, you can communicate faster with your child for that.

CosmoCamp Coloring Book is free to download for Android and iOS .

New Clock Watching app from Miss Jannie

Teacher Jannie has another app for children, the new Clock Watching app. Miss Jannie’s apps are simple, super popular and conveniently divided by subject. It’s nice now that the kids go to school at home. With the new Clock-telling app, your child has some extra time to learn how to tell the time. At school, they go through the material rather quickly. Miss Jannie teaches children to tell the time on a clock hand (analog) and a digital clock. The app consists of four levels. In level 1, your child starts analogously with quarters, half and full hours. In level 2 minutes are added and in level three the digital clock comes into play. If your child has also completed level 4, he has a good sense of time and can calculate with time. Globally you can say that level 1 belongs to the level of group 3 and life 4 belongs to group 6.

Telling time with Miss Jannie can be downloaded for Android and iOS .

EASY peasy: English for kids

Learning English words, sentence structure in English, grammar and pronunciation, your child learns it all with EASY Peasy. From the age of four and faster than you can keep up with. And glad they like it! EASY peasy registers how your child learns and adjusts the level automatically. This keeps it fun and everything your child learns with this app is profit anyway. EASY peasy works with cards, which have been proven to be effective in long-term learning. The same cards also make EASY peasy a very useful aid for lessons at school. The own word lists that they can make are also useful as preparation for the lesson. Before you know it, the master or teacher will be chattering with their ears when your child starts talking during English class.

EASY peasy is free to download for Android and iOS .

When is an educational app suitable for your child?

You can see whether an app is suitable for your child, among other things, by the PEGI score. This figure indicates how suitable the app is for a particular age. But every child is different and no one knows their child better than you, so be sure to check out what the app has to offer. Does the app challenge your child on his level? Isn’t the game too hard, but not too easy either? Download it!

Now that the children are going to school at home, it might be the time for that first mobile phone. And then a lesson in smartphone use wouldn’t hurt to start with. If your child then starts working on his own or your smartphone, you obviously do not want him to secretly go to YouTube or send messages (from your WhatsApp) while learning. Moreover, it is nice that after a game of calculations there are not suddenly three new apps on the device. Fortunately, you can avoid all of this with a few handy features.

Set up parental controls

With old link supervision do you ensure that your child can not use certain apps or features in the Schools of home? In a few steps, you arrange that they are not presented with unwanted content. On an iPhone or iPad, you can set this up in Settings > Screen Time > Restrictions. On Android devices, open the Play Store app and enable Parental Controls in the Settings menu. You can create a PIN and disable the type of content you want to filter. For example, turn off the Install apps switch and block in-app purchases. You can also prevent the apple of your eye from using the camera, browser or Siri.

Pin App

When your child learns to tell time with Jannie, you don’t want him to do something else in the meantime. By blocking the home button or locking the screen, he has to keep practising.

This is how you do it with an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to General > Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down to Guided Access.
  3. Turn on the switch for Guided Access.
  4. Turn on the switch at the Activation button.

Through Passcode Settings you can set a PIN that is needed to get out of the app again. Preferably use a different PIN than for unlocking your device.

For Android devices, go to:

  1. Settings > Security > Freeze screen.
  2. Open the app you want to pin and go to the ‘recent apps‘ screen. Click the pushpin to pin the app to the screen.
  3. If you want to leave the app again, long-press the ‘back button‘ and identify yourself with your PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition.

At home, of course, make sure that your child’s phone is connected to WiFi. But for on the go, an affordable Sim Only is handy.

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