10 Tips to grow your Instagram account

You started with Instagram enthusiastically but you don’t have any followers yet? You post nice photos and videos but you notice that they are hardly viewed? Don’t give up because all beginnings are difficult. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks at the moment and a very nice channel to put your business on the map.

We’ve looked at about a hundred fast-growing Instagram accounts and listed their strategies for you. In this blog, we give you 10 tips to grow your Instagram.

Tip 1: Convert your Instagram account to a business profile

With a business Instagram profile, you have a number of useful advantages. This makes it much easier for customers to contact the company. You also get more insight through handy statistics about the number of followers, engagement and views. It is also possible to additionally promote the message with advertisements. 

Tip 2: Like photos of your target group

Start by liking (many) photos of your target audience. Suppose you focus on contractors or construction companies, then search for hashtags such as #construction #construction #renovation etc. Here you will find a better overview of popular and recent posts from construction companies. Start liking photos. Most accounts don’t get that many likes on their photos. As a result, you quickly get attention and your photos are also liked.

Tip 3: Comment on popular photos

If a photo has a ton of likes, just alike may not be enough. Then give a nice comment on the photo. Comments like ‘nice’, ‘nice’ or ‘great’ will not work.

The more and more effort you put into giving a personal response, the better.

Tip 4: Start posting photos regularly

Sharing a photo every now and then isn’t going to work. It’s quite a lot of work, but try posting a photo or video for 30 days in a row. If you are in a flow, you sometimes just come up with 10 alternating posts.

So work ahead! Or work with a content calendar and make an overview of your ideas. If you start posting every day, you will notice that your account is growing little by little.

Tip 5: Follow your target group

This tactic seems a bit spammy, but it is super effective: following the Instagram accounts of your target audience. How does it work? If you start following an account, the owner of that account will receive a notification. In most cases, you will also be followed back afterwards. There are even Apps to automate this for you, but that is less personal and sympathetic.

If you want to use this tactic, follow these steps:

  1. Find other accounts in your industry with a large following;
  2. Check out their followers and only follow those accounts that can be valuable to you;
  3. Increase the chances of these accounts following you back by commenting on their photos;
  4. Then see who doesn’t follow you back for a week and unfollow these accounts.

Many people find this tactic super annoying, but let’s be honest: it does work! Please note that you can only follow a maximum of 60 accounts per hour and a total of 7500 accounts.

Tip 6: Share 4 Share (S4S)

With this tactic, you look for people who are active in the same target group. You offer to share a photo of them in exchange for a share back. Hence ‘share-4-share’. If you use this tactic with people who aren’t direct competitors but serve the same audience, it’s a win-win for both.

If you want to share a post, you can’t do this via a built-in function such as Facebook or Linkedin. How can this be? Take a screenshot, resize it and then post the photo via your own account. By tagging the account (type @ followed the name of the account) you refer to the creator of the photo.

Tip 7: Make exuberant use of hashtags

Hashtags are a handy way to get more reach for your photos. For more reach, find the relevant hashtags for your post. You can use a maximum of 30 tags per post.

I recommend using all of these, especially in the beginning. 

Tip 8: Ensure a higher involvement

Involvement, or ‘engagement’, ensures a higher reach of your posts. If more people like or comment on your photo, the reach increases enormously. The way to improve engagement is to like a lot yourself and respond to posts from your followers. If they see a post from you, the chance that they will like or respond to your photo is many times greater. Give and take, as it were, but on Instagram.

Tip 9: Make clever use of (micro) influencers

Instagram has a wide arsenal of micro-influencers. Instagrammers who have built up their own, often active fan base in their own niche. If their target audience is also attractive to your company, you can ask them to do a shout-out to your account. They usually charge a little amount for that. You can approach influencers yourself via Instagram messaging or use online marketplaces such as Hulc, Linkpizza or Join. marketing.

Tip 10: Give popular posts an advertising boost

If you are into a business Instagram account, then you can advertise in 2 ways, namely via the Facebook Ads Manager or directly from the Instagram App. Of course, it is much more fun to gain new followers with original posts, but sometimes a little advertising can give your account just that push in the right direction. An additional advantage of advertising is that your post reaches exactly and only the target group that you are targeting.

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